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    Saucony – Dxn Lodge Pack Release

    8th June 2015
    Saucony Dxn Lodge Pack Release

    I’ve always struggled with the pronunciation of ‘Saucony’. For some reason I find myself wanting to say ‘Saucisson’, which is obviously cured french sausage meat and hasn’t got anything to do with classic American running apparel. But unfortunately that’s now my small brain works, so to simplify things I’m just going call them ‘those decent trainers from Pennsylvania’ Although pals of mine having been raving about ‘those decent trainers from Pennsylvania’ for ages I’ve never been completely sold. Why? Well ultimately…

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    Dr Martens – 1461 Boanil Brush Shoe

    Personally, I’ve never owned a pair of Dr Martens. Don’t get me wrong I’ve considered them in the past, but I couldn’t get my head around that PVC cushioned sole. I appreciate it’s a…

    19th January 2015