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    Stocking Fillers from Mamnick

    14th December 2015
    Mamnick Clothing and Accessories

    Anybody remember that post I published on the ‘Hope Cap’ from those peak district menswear practitioners, Mamnick. Well, if you missed it just follow that blue link above, which is an attempt to plug the original post as they still have some left in stock ready for this seasons winter-y blast. If you happen to be a little unfamiliar with Mamnick’s exploits, they’re Sheffield based clothing manufacturers who produce quality limited edition gear, most of which is made on British shores. Since…

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  • Mamnick Clothing

    The ‘Hope Cap’ from Mamnick

    Some clever person once came up with the idiomatic metaphor ‘Why reinvent the wheel?’ And they were probably right. The wheel is just fine as it is, turning around and around occasionally taking the…

    9th March 2015