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    New Balance ‘Explore By Sea’ Pack

    8th February 2016

    You probably wouldn’t want to do it in these flash New Balance 997’s though. Explore by the sea that is. I mean those suede and mesh uppers would be ruined. Instead I’d wear these classic runners on a dry spring morning whilst walking my dachshund to my local organic café for my daily fix of nicaraguan blend from the foothills of Mt Momotombo and a gluten free pecan and raisin pastry made by the hands of elves. Scenez! The trainer features the very…

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  • 14-05-2015_-newbalance_us574bb_madeintheusa_tanbrown_orange_sh_1

    My continued love affair with 574’s. Chapter 2.

    My love affair with the 574 silhouette continues, and this time it’s this toned tanned temptress that’s left me all gooey-eyed. Oh what I would give to get my hands on that perfectly executed suede and mesh upper.…

    1st June 2015
  • 01-09-2014_newbalance_us574bg_blackgrape_neon_2

    New Balance US 574 Pre-Orders @ End

    It was the turn of the year when I last wrote a few words on the latest New Balance pre-orders, far too long in my book. So here’s some overdue musings on their latest 574…

    19th March 2015
  • Footwear

    New Balance CT300 Pre-Orders

    New Year, New Start, New Sneaks, from New Balance, who’s headquarters are located in Massachusetts, which borders New Hampshire, on the New England coastline, 200 miles north east of New York, near Newark in…

    5th January 2015
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    Review: 10 Of The Best from 2014

    Seeing as it’s roughly a year since I started the blog, I thought it only right to throw together an obligatory end of year ‘best of’ list, which is actually just shameful excuse to…

    30th December 2014
  • new_balance_mrh996bc_2-1

    New Balance 996 Trainer – Pre-Orders

    You might have noticed we’re mad keen on New Balance here at Thinking Chap ‘HQ’, so much so I plan on obtaining illustrations of their classic 996 shoe to chuck on the office wall. ‘HQ’ … what an…

    10th September 2014