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    The Waterproof Long Jacket from Rains

    There’s nothing better than discovering some straight forward gear that does exactly what it’s suppose to. Functionality I think they call it. Que these proper waterproof rain-coats from yep you’ve guessed it, ‘Rains’. The…

    21st July 2014
  • Uniform Wares 203 and 104 Series Watches

    Uniform Wares Watches from Oi Polloi

    I’ve always had a fairly volatile relationship with my watches. In the last 12 months I’ve managed to lose a yellow G-Shock, smash the screen on a Timex Indigo and went swimming in my…

    16th April 2014
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    Penfield SS14 Crew-Necks from Oi Polloi

    Ahhh the three P’s! Those ‘must haves’ in any modern metrosexual males life. What the hell am I banging on about?? Penfield, Oi Polloi and Porridge! Ok maybe it’s just me who’s partial to…

    26th March 2014
  • Clothes

    The Barbour Browell Stripe Polo SS14

    The day has come for me to book my summer trip to Croatia on the battle weary credit card. Finally commiting to this jaunt will coincide with making a concerted effort to get my…

    21st February 2014