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Orson Wells


    A Bit Like One of Those Juno Charts …

    10th October 2014

    Musical types/record enthusiasts, I’m sure you’ve all seen those monthly Juno DJ charts. Well this is a little bit like that, apart from I’m decidedly average on the ones and twos and Juno aint asked me to do one, but I’m doing one anyway. In fact I’m just some everyday collector of the odd record who used to play records once upon a time and now get his licks from mixing badly in his spare room awaiting for the inevitable to happen ……

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  • Live At Robert Johnson

    Massimiliano Pagliara – ‘With One Another’ Album

    Frankfurt based record label ‘Live at Robert Johnson’ really are at the top of their game at present with strong records from Hotel Lauer, Fort Romeau and San Laurentino all seeing releases this year. Keeping their foot firmly…

    15th August 2014