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    Canvas Shield Jacket from Our Legacy

    14th September 2015
    Winter Canvas Shield Jacket from Our Legacy

    Removable fleece’s were pretty popular throughout my decidedly awkward youth, but in recent times they’ve been left out in the wilderness with increasingly regularity and replaced by your straight up cotton parka or field jacket, which would be of little use to anyone in Stockholm as it’s cold as fuck in December. Thankfully, following a brief discussion about Tomas Brolin’s wonder years and a knowing head-nod those clever Swedish people at Our Legacy kindly agreed to take me back down memory lane with this…

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  • 1426699453dsc_0006

    Our Legacy Sunglasses @ Kafka

    What’s all this about. Our Legacy Sunglasses! This is new ground for them right? Or was I just paying no attention whatsoever throughout the entirety of last summer? Having a look through their new…

    8th April 2015
  • Leeds Hip Store AW14
    Clothes Footwear

    New Look Website from Leeds’ Hip Store

    Fresh from being voted one of the 10 best independent menswear stores in the UK by Esquire Magazine, Leeds’ long running independent ‘Hip’ are back with a new, all singing all dancing website just…

    5th September 2014
  • Clothes

    Swedish Shirts from Our Legacy

    I’ve been writing this blog for over 6 months now and it’s just dawned on me that I’ve not once given Swedish shirt making maestro’s Our Legacy even the briefest of airtime. So here…

    30th July 2014