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    ts (s) – AW15 Collection Lookbook

    27th July 2015

    What’s not to like here? Quality wares for the coming winter season courtesy of the other Suziki brother. Actually while we’re on the subject of keeping it in the family, it’s nice to see these garbs modelled by Jim Caviezel’s camp younger sibling, Jerry ‘truffle oil’ Caviezels. As you can see there’s a plethora of earthy tones, woody textures and on closer inspection I picked up subtle undertones of baked camembert around the top collar of each garment, which I’ve…

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    Ten C – 3L Anorak @ The Bureau

    It was that blowy over the weekend, at one point I thought I might have to strap myself to the landing radiator with my belt and ride it out. You know, like Helen Hunt…

    12th January 2015
  • 29-09-2014_mtrainierdesign_daypack_burgundy_2

    Outdoor Accessories from Mt. Rainier Design

    If there was ever a backpack version of Top Trumps then this ‘Day Pack’ from Mt Rainier Design would be that one trump card everyone want’s to be dealt. It’s the quintessential everyman backpack, whilst still retaining…

    6th October 2014
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    Barbour AW14 Jackets from Triads

    Trout fishing in Teesdale, Ravanelli banging in that hat-trick against Liverpool, corned beef and tomato sauce sandwiches, and my Dad’s foisty Northumbria Barbour. Them were days. Fast forward a few decades and the only…

    23rd September 2014