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    Paul Smith X Full Count Japan

    14th March 2016
    Paul Smith X Full Count Denim Collection

    I’ve felt for some time that Paul Smith have been in need of upping their denim game, and what better way to do so than joining forces with acclaimed Japanese denim manufacturers ‘Full Count’ to bring forth a collaboration with an truly authentic workwear feel. Renowned for being meticulous in their manufacturing methods, Full Count deliver an impressive hand-sewn 13.7oz raw selvedge jean, which has been dyed with natural indigo to give a deep rich colour. Woven on vintage Osaka shuttle looms, the denim…

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  • 'A Suit To Travel In' by Paul Smith

    ‘A Suit To Travel In’ by Paul Smith

    You know when you squeeze a stress-ball then it in springs back to its original shape, well that’s polyurethane foam rubber at work. And for AW15, Nottingham fashion visionary Sir Paul Smith has designed ‘A Suit…

    17th September 2015
  • Paul Smith Suede Aesop Trainers

    Paul Smith Jeans – Suede Aesop Trainers

    When I was growing up some mam’s bought their kids the latest Nike Air Max, some Adidas Gazelles, some Reebok Pumps, but not my old dear; a trip around to Clarks for a pair of…

    6th August 2014