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    Somethings Will Never Change …

    4th May 2016

    … the world keeps turning, the sun keeps shining, and Gitman continue to defy logic with their bi-annual assemblage of vintage print shirts. My adulation for the Pennsylvania clothiers is so, that I often find myself struggling to put it into words. Therefore, I thought who better to turn to than a highly respected, acclaimed and peculiarly handsome 80s warbler to help me out (when I say handsome I mean in a three sheets to the wind Rafa Benitez /Homer Simpson face-fusion sort of way). Anyway, over to you Mr Billy Joel; Don’t go changing, your elaborate shirting …

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  • Clothes

    Katmandu Patchwork Shirt from Kapital

    This patchwork shirt is a bit like one of those dresses girls with dreads wear at Glastonbury.  Apart from it’s for men, and it’s a shirt. Also, hippy lasses wouldn’t pay 220 bar for this, they…

    3rd December 2015
  • Stan Ray USA Military Shirt Jacket

    Stan Ray USA @ TGD

    Stan Ray USA. It sounds like something kids might shout in tandem about their favourite baseball player. Not that I would know mind. I’ve never been to a baseball game. The closest I’ve ever…

    30th November 2015
  • Gitman Vintage Flannel Shirts To Buy Autumn Winter 2015

    Fall Flannels from Gitman Vintage

    Who’s old enough to remember Scatman John (god rest his soul)? You know him. Produced euro-pop shite in the 90s, wore a daft hat, sported a Bavarian moustache. Well, John always struck me as the…

    19th October 2015
  • Visvim AW15 Native Blanket Shirt

    Visvim Go All Native up in the Place

    Someone who knows a lot more than me about menswear reckons Visvim has become one of Japan’s most highly sought after and influential brands over the past few years. And, with Egyptian cotton shirting complete…

    15th October 2015
  • Tender Co Overdyed Shirt Review

    Tender Co. Overdyed Werk Sherrts

    The shirt pictured above has been named the ‘Type 430 Long Sleeve Butterfly Shirt’. Why? Not a clue! But head on over to the Tender website and I’m sure you’ll find a bit of blurb about it. Honestly, I…

    11th September 2015
  • Clothes

    End x Gitman Vintage AW15 Shirting

    Holy chambray shirts, are all the heavy cotton wares hitting the shelves already? It seems to get earlier every year. It’s the time of year when you buy a flannel Gitman even though it’s like…

    20th July 2015