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  • portugeseflannel_ss_red_white_1_1024x1024

    Dad Shirts from Portuguese Flannel

      Anyone else noticed there’s an new-breed of next generation Dad’s emerging? I’m talking about those blokes with a wardrobe full of Patagonia outerwear, who cycle 100km a weekend on their Scot racing bike, and who’s tipple is…

    4th June 2015
  • m434-99-1

    Gitman Vintage SS15 Shirts

    You’re likely to be labelled a nonce for wearing one of these in Newcastle. Probably why I’ve never bought one then. Having said that, I do own a multitude of questionable shirts that just…

    27th April 2015
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    ts (s) Indigo Chambray Long Shirt

    Do you remember Daiki Suzuki’s Hooded Long Bush Shirt that we featured on the blog last September? You know the one … Big hood, loads of pockets, sold out quicker than half price Superdry…

    24th March 2015
  • james_compact_tee_-_blood_orange_1__1

    Norse Projects SS15 @ Peggs & Son

    Norse Projects. One of the Danes finest exports. Such has been their rise to prominence over recent years they’ve increasingly been mentioned in same breath as nordic greats like Michael Laudrup, Peter Schmeichel, pre-packed…

    3rd March 2015
  • folk1

    Folk SS15 New Arrivals @ Hub

      ‘There’s nowt as queer as Folk’ my mother used to say, and if the bloke slumped outside our front door a few months back asking his jack russell if he had a spare Kit-Kat is…

    23rd February 2015
  • Clothes

    Engineered Garments SS15 Shirting @ The Bureau

    Forgotten what summer looks like? Bored of all your knitwear? Sick of your neighbour wittering on about his new damp proof course? Post Christmas Winter really is the pits isn’t it? Don’t fret though,…

    17th February 2015