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    Rough & Tumble Flannel Shirts from Nepenthes

    Have you seen it out there? It’s batten down the hatches, get a Horlicks on the go and lie horizontal on the couch in your fishtail parka weather. Or if you’re sick to the back teeth of olive tones…

    10th November 2014
  • Clothes

    Gitman Vintage AW14 at the Great Divide

    Pennsylvania amongst many other things, is home to one of the oldest and largest Amish communities in North America and also the birthplace of acclaimed vintage shirt making family, the Gitman’s. It’s common knowledge that Gitman Vintage manufacture…

    1st October 2014
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    Engineered Garments – Hooded Long Bush Shirt

    Hello Engineered Garments my old friend, what exquisite pocket-laden treats do you have for me this week? What? Really? A shirt with a hood that twins as a jacket … sounds magic, but you promised me weeks…

    15th September 2014
  • Clothes

    New Season YMC From the Great Divide

    Anyone remember that YMC Spot Jersey from earlier this year? What a class bit of kit that was. It’s the kind of thing you end up wearing to death, discard to gather dust in your wardrobe, then re-discover it a…

    22nd August 2014
  • Clothes

    Swedish Shirts from Our Legacy

    I’ve been writing this blog for over 6 months now and it’s just dawned on me that I’ve not once given Swedish shirt making maestro’s Our Legacy even the briefest of airtime. So here…

    30th July 2014
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    Philip Browne’s Summer Menswear Sale

    Righteo, it’s summer sale time and Norwich’s finest clothing establishment Phillip Browne has got some bargains for you to get your grubby little mitts on while it’s still balmy and muggy enough to wear them…

    27th June 2014
  • Uniforms for the Dedicated SS14 Shirts

    Uniforms for the Dedicated Shirts

    I’m partial to a patterned shirt, especially one that looks like a dish cloth or an apron your Mam might wear. Don’t be fooled though, these ‘Uniforms for the Dedicated’ shirts fresh from Scandinavia are…

    18th June 2014