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    Any Yuketeer worth his Salt ..

    5th May 2016
    Yuketen V Chianti All Handsewn Maine Guide Ox'

    The ‘Chianti’, or the ‘V Chianti All Handsewn Maine Guide Ox’ to give them their Sunday name is not a handle that exactly slips off the tongue now is it. But lets be honest, who actually gives a shit what their shoes are called. Furthermore, set aside this lengthy appellation and you’ve got a pair of Yuk’s that reek of full-bodied stitching and a familiar beefy price tag. These testosterone fuelled moccasins feature a hefty Vibram sole that makes them gargantuan to the point of ridicule. However, look…

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  • Footwear

    The Plain Toe Blucher Shoe from Oak Street

    What a lovely pair of cherries eh? To the untrained eye these ruby’s may look like a pair of regular leather kicks. Don’t be fooled though. These Blucher’s courtesy Chicago cobblers ‘Oak Street’ are made from…

    21st October 2015
  • Northern Cobbler AW15 Shoes

    Northern Clobber AW15 Footwear

    I bought a pair of ‘Lenok’s’ back in May and have since dubbed them my lush leathery moon-brogues. And when I say moon-brogues I don’t mean in a cloddish awkward way. I mean in a gravity-free springy-as-fuck…

    12th October 2015
  • Buddy Leather Shoes AW15

    A Man’s Best Friend: Buddy AW15

    If you’re a dog person then you go and get yourself a dog. But what if your someone who’s passion for the canny little mongrels is so, that the only next logical step is…

    17th August 2015
  • 1420288858-01501000

    Dr Martens – 1461 Boanil Brush Shoe

    Personally, I’ve never owned a pair of Dr Martens. Don’t get me wrong I’ve considered them in the past, but I couldn’t get my head around that PVC cushioned sole. I appreciate it’s a…

    19th January 2015
  • Footwear

    The Chromexcel Viberg Derby Shoe

    ‘Chromexcel’, sounds like some new spread-sheet software on Windows 7, doesnt it? In fact it may well be for all we know, but it’s also a super-leather that goes through at least 89 different treatment processes, which take…

    3rd November 2014