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    ‘Socks – The Rule Book’ by Mitchell Beazley

    16th May 2016
    'Socks - The Rule Book' by Mitchell Beazley

    When I’m not working for the man, or on the blog, I occasionally find the time to read real life proper physical publications. My literature of choice tends to be centred around the common themes of menswear and music, preferably written in a style that I find to be both informative and mildly amusing.  This book by Mitchel Beazley entitled ‘Socks – The Rule Book’ is certainly not the latter. However, any blokes who appreciate well-made hosiery (which is most these days) will find this book contains some…

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  • Anonymous Ism Fair Isle Socks

    There Will Be No Soiling These Socks

    My missus is a big advocate of my on-going investment in expensive hosiery. No longer is she be subjected to a Deerhunter style game of Russian of roulette where by it’s a pure lottery…

    28th October 2015
  • Accessories

    Autumnal Warmers @ Slow Down Joe

    I know it’s only August, but I think I’m a bit done with SS15. I’m not saying that it hasn’t been a good season with great stock, as it most definitely has. But I’m just…

    13th August 2015
  • Cotton Waffle Socks from Folk Clothing

    Fancy Foot Fashion from Folk 

    The rise in popularity of specialist Japanese brands such as Anonymous Ism and Chups have meant a pair of trusty old socks are becoming more of a statement accessory for us blokes. As someone…

    18th May 2015
  • Accessories

    Brighten Up Your Day with Happy Socks

    I don’t know about you, but my sock collection seems to be continuously dwindling. It’s like a cycle, I buy them, wear them once then never see them again. They just seem to disappear…

    14th May 2014