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    In My Minds Eye I Could Probably Pull This off …

    23rd May 2016

    In my tiny minds eye I’m one of these dudes, immersed in Tokyo’s many fashion sub-cultures and rigged-out in threads from the cities most notable menswear labels. In every other person minds eye I’m a colossal thunder-cunt prancing around in a dressing gown cursing the very day this gastro-pub sold-out of its haggis and quails egg toasties. This ludicrous aesthetic is the work of Ohh! Nisica, a sub-arm of Harajuku based brand Nisica who manufacture your customary Japanese-ified utility workwear. Translating the Japanese description of these robe jackets proved typically problematic, but through the sea of back to…

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  • The Raglan COOLMAX Cardie from Nanamica

    The Raglan COOLMAX Cardie from Nanamica

    I seem to struggle with the pronunciation of Nanamica. My small brain gets the N’s and M the wrong way around.  The name Nanamica actually means the house of seven seas, which in turn relates to…

    7th March 2016
  • Easy Earl Life Jackets

    A Mans Desire for Instant Gratification

    Weather peoples keep telling me it’s been unseasonably warm of this winter, which I’m down with as I’m fairly tuned into the jet stream, low pressure systems shifting north from the azores, and all other relatable…

    7th January 2016