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    The Motivation You’ve Been Searching for …

    11th April 2016

    Still need to burn off those Wispa Easter Eggs you polished off over the bank holiday weekend? Then here’s the motivation you’ve been searching for; Do some exercise you shithouse; enter a half-marathon and raise £500 for Barnardo’s; get your boss to match your ‘Just Giving’ total; fain achilles injury post run and get your doctor to sign you off work for a fortnight; spend 450 quid of bosses donation on these mad specs from OAMC Optics; sit in the spring sunshine wearing your newly acquired gigs…

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  • 0564bf15cd9f8002d6f8e22808d12cc7

    Oliver Peoples Sunglasses @ The Bureau

    Poirot would have most certainly worn Peoples on his summer jollies. In fact, these Sheldrake Flip–Up Clip–On gigs below would have really complimented Hercule’s fastidious dress sense and meticulously preened lady tickler. Oh that’s right, the dude…

    16th June 2015
  • 1426699453dsc_0006

    Our Legacy Sunglasses @ Kafka

    What’s all this about. Our Legacy Sunglasses! This is new ground for them right? Or was I just paying no attention whatsoever throughout the entirety of last summer? Having a look through their new…

    8th April 2015
  • Han Kjobenhavn Wolfgang Sunglasses

    Han Kjobenhavn Wolfgang Sunglasses

    I’ve currently got an inbox full of autumn/winter marketing bumf that in theory I should be reviewing, selecting and sharing my thoughts with you lot. However, I’ve been sweating like a fox with a…

    25th July 2014
  • Clothes

    Philip Browne’s Summer Menswear Sale

    Righteo, it’s summer sale time and Norwich’s finest clothing establishment Phillip Browne has got some bargains for you to get your grubby little mitts on while it’s still balmy and muggy enough to wear them…

    27th June 2014