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    The Best Parka Ever Made? Probably.

    28th August 2015
    TEN C Olive Parka AW15

    With the amount copy devoted to the Bureau on here you could be forgiven for thinking they pay me for wittering on about their wares, or at least send freebies my way from time to time. You’d be wrong. They don’t. And rightly so, as with Parka’s like this in their arsenal, who needs affiliates. I mean look at the sheer beauty of the thing. It’s clearly the best Parka ever made. And anyone who want’s to argue otherwise will…

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    Ten C – 3L Anorak @ The Bureau

    It was that blowy over the weekend, at one point I thought I might have to strap myself to the landing radiator with my belt and ride it out. You know, like Helen Hunt…

    12th January 2015