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    Stan Ray USA @ TGD

    30th November 2015
    Stan Ray USA Military Shirt Jacket

    Stan Ray USA. It sounds like something kids might shout in tandem about their favourite baseball player. Not that I would know mind. I’ve never been to a baseball game. The closest I’ve ever gotten to STEEERIKE 3 was watching Frank Drebin’s contentious officiating in the film ‘The Naked Gun’. These shirty jackets aren’t for sports though, or films, or any bed-wetting student who works in an organic coffee bar. Oh no, these shirty jackets are for real men. You know the type. Proper blue collar…

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  • Cotton Waffle Socks from Folk Clothing

    Fancy Foot Fashion from Folk 

    The rise in popularity of specialist Japanese brands such as Anonymous Ism and Chups have meant a pair of trusty old socks are becoming more of a statement accessory for us blokes. As someone…

    18th May 2015
  • champion clothing reverse weave crewneck

    Champion ‘Reverse Weave’ Crewnecks @ TGD

    For those into their heritage sweats ‘Champion’ will be a brand that requires little introduction, but for the benefit of those who might have been sucked in by any of the low budget sportswear tat…

    12th March 2015
  • Accessories Clothes

    AW14 Sale at The Great Divide

    Christmas is done and dusted, New Year is upon us and the winter sales are now in full swing. Ok, so it’s in hope rather than expectation that you’ll be able to shoehorn yourself into…

    31st December 2014
  • Clothes

    T-Shirt Tuesday: TSPTR Snoopy Santa Tees

    Right, I wholeheartedly promise this will be the last Peanuts related post of the year. That is of course unless more brands we like decide to join forces with Charlie Brown & his clan.…

    18th November 2014
  • Clothes

    New Season YMC From the Great Divide

    Anyone remember that YMC Spot Jersey from earlier this year? What a class bit of kit that was. It’s the kind of thing you end up wearing to death, discard to gather dust in your wardrobe, then re-discover it a…

    22nd August 2014