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    If I Could Design My Own Backpack …

    26th October 2015
    Topo Designs Mountain Backpack

    … it would look a lot like this Mountain Pack from Topo. Their latest rucksack release is a perfect morph between a technical mountaineering bag and a shove-your-laptop-and-butties-in-it-and-leg-it-for-the-bus … bag. And, that’s exactly what Colorado’s finest receptacle raconteurs have accomplished. They’ve designed a bag that’s fit for purpose, any day of the week. As with all things with Topo these packs are easier on the eye than Adrian in Rocky II. That said, only the bit when Rocky’s got coin…

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    Bonny Backpacks from Denver’s Topo Designs

    Colorado. Home to the Rockies Mountains and subsequently some of the finest outdoor apparel you could wish to find. Similar in appearance to brands like Mt Rainier & Herschel Supply, Denver based Topo Designs…

    11th December 2014