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    Vintage Workwear Outfitters – Suntrap Toyko

    18th August 2015

    Does anyone else remember losing hours, days, weeks to championship manager during their teens? And not the newfangled versions, I’m on about the old format circa 2001/2002 season when if you snapped up Tonton Zola Moukoko from Derby’s youth team he’d go on to cut through defences like a hot knife through butter, which is strange because in reality he turned out to be a bit shit. There is a point on its way here. It was bloody addictive though, and since…

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  • The Brixton Brood Cap

    The Brixton Brood Cap

    Being the follicly challenged fellow that I am, owning some decent headwear is a must. Another month and it’ll be time to leave the beanies in the drawer until autumn, so I thought I…

    13th February 2014
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    Proper Vintage Shopping in North Wales

    I’ve found productive vintage shopping somewhat challenging lately. There seems to be dozens of vintage clothing stores stocking altered, cut and relabelled items, which ensures they’re ‘on trend’ and saleable. I understand the need for this, as…

    27th December 2013