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    The Swedes Do Watches over @ The Garbstore

    11th August 2015

    If you’re into simple contemporary looking dials from the likes of Uniform Wares and Daniel Wellington, then you’ll probably be into these timepieces from Swedish brand TID.   Despite sounding like some newfangled 3D Disney animation, there is plausible reasoning behind their brand name with TID being the Swedish word for  ‘time’. All makes sense then. Like most things Scandinavian these No.1 watches are clean, clinical and simplistic in appearance with the functions being stripped down to the bare essentials. Features include…

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  • wat3

    The Chronograph Weekender from Timex

    I’ve been toying with getting myself one of those TSOVET SVT-DE40 watches lately, but all the toying has led to me, well, losing all interest in toying. Having said that, I think I’m just a bit tight when it…

    21st April 2015
  • de110113-40_1400px

    TSOVET – SVT-DE40 Chronograph Watch

      I’ve been an big advocate of TSOVET for a good few years now. Their watches are straight up quality and not only look the part, but are even affordable (ok, borderline affordable) to your mate who’s been buying a Casio F-91 every year since he was 12. These…

    26th January 2015
  • p5370713ec82eb

    Aviation Wristwatches from AVI-8

    If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, you’ll be well aware I’ve got a bit of a thing for independent British brands, stores, designers and other such gems our little Island has to offer. And they don’t…

    17th December 2014
  • Uniform Wares 203 and 104 Series Watches

    Uniform Wares Watches from Oi Polloi

    I’ve always had a fairly volatile relationship with my watches. In the last 12 months I’ve managed to lose a yellow G-Shock, smash the screen on a Timex Indigo and went swimming in my…

    16th April 2014