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    Miguel Herrera. You Made My World Cup.

    16th July 2014

    So the curtain’s finally been drawn on World Cup 2014 with Lahm’s wanderers narrowly beating Messi’s rangers in a battle to the death. I must say it’s been a fantastic competition despite in my opinion there being no truly outstanding side. Having said that, the Jerrys look like being team to beat by the time the Euro’s come around in 2016. It’s been well documented that a proportion of the Brazilian public felt disdain towards their countries hosting of the competition and who could have blamed them. Let’s not forget, it’s been the most costly tournament…

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    Fred Perry World Cup Polo Shirts

    Into replica shirts? No me neither. I prefer something a little more understated, whilst still appreciating the need to look like a right lad! (cue loud repetitive chanting and mob like behaviour). With the World…

    22nd May 2014