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Yardie Cardigan


    Italian Knitwear via North Shields Fish Quay

    6th May 2015

      You may remember my recent blog post documenting my fondness for Duffer St Georges’ modster cardigan of choice ‘the Yardie’. For those who missed it here’s a brief synopsis; Yardie’s were dead cool, Mod culture was dead cool, the shops were dead cool, and JD Sports is a bit shit. That about sums it up. For those who fancy giving the post a full once over, here’s a link. As my search continues for arguably mod cultures finest legacy,…

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  • fdyqu1

    Remembering the Yardie Cardie

    Many moons ago there was a cardigan, and this was not just any cardigan, this was a cardigan the stood head and shoulders above it’s buttoned-up peers. An enigma within knitwear circles, it’s original…

    26th February 2015